Meet the mums!


“NICU Support collection service was made very easy and efficient with great communications and friendly, helpful volunteer drivers.” Nicola.

“I can never thank Mike enough for the kind and selfless act he provided for me whilst my son Max was in NICU. He made the most hardest experience for any parent to have to go through so much more bearable by not only providing transport to and from the hospital, but also being someone I could talk to. He will forever be my angel.” Vicki.

I started to use Bloodbikes – NICU Support transport services just couple of weeks after my premature baby boy was born. That was when I first heard about Mike and his great team! They were an incredible help which made it possible for me to spend as much time as possible with my premature Baby. I met many wonderful people whilst using this service – Carol, Sue, Colin, George, Malcolm. It wasn’t just simple picking up service – all these people really care about Mums and their premature babies. They were all so kind encouraging at the same time reassuring me. It was so much more than just transport service – they were a real support during that hectic time keeping me strong and believing one day I’ll be in the car with my baby on our way home. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers and special THANK YOU to Mike that brought this great idea to life. Carol Glinn has been amazing, she gave our baby Donatas his first ride in the car back from hospital and she is still supporting and helping us even though we are at home. Thank you all and bless you all.Violeta.

“NICU Support provided an essential service to me after surgery so I could visit my baby in NICU. Friendly and reliable, they are saints on wheels.” Lucy.

“The transport provided by NICU Support was a brilliant & friendly service and it was all voluntary which made it seem more special, the drivers have helped make a very stressful time less stressful because after a c section you are unable to drive knowing you have someone friendly & caring picking you up and taking you to see your baby really really helped, I am very grateful to them.” Simone.

“The NICU Transport service was a godsend when my twins arrived 9 weeks early and had to spend 6 weeks in NICU. The drivers were very friendly and without them (and Mikes organisational skills) my visiting time with the twins would have been severely restricted. Thanks for everything.” Claire.